Written the week of September 4, 2017

On the national front there was Hurricane Harvey.  On the local news, a former Archer High player dies at college football practice. In my personal circle my Dad’s doctor gave us difficult news. As I sit and write this blog it is pouring down rain outside and it is overall a gloomy day. I could add a few other smaller stories here, but you get the general idea.

There is no avoiding the occasional bad week or bad season. The question is how do we react to these times? Do we cave in and let them devour us? Do we grab something to hold onto and wait them out? I believe the best answer lies in scripture. “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see.” When all we see is bad news, it is nice to think about the fact that we can be assured that something greater exists.
God’s view is much more profound than ours and He wants to share that view with us. Somehow, someway He assures us that the enemy will not win the day. It is our faith in Him and in His goodness that gives us the ability to see beyond the rough times. Like a child sleeping through a storm because they have faith that their parents will protect them, we need to have a similar faith. As a matter of fact, Jesus mentioned something about having the faith of a little child.
I do not know how all my stories are going to work out. I do know that I am not alone. I hope that the people in Texas and Louisiana can catch hold of that faith today. Not one of us is alone in this world and none of us have to suffer bad times without help. If you are having a tough time, hang on to your help. If you are not, be part of the help for others. Pray, give, encourage. Bad weeks do not have to have the final word.