I rejoined the sports world this week. I played both softball and a little basketball. I have always had a passion for both sports and still watch avidly but seldom play. This week I was reminded of certain laws of nature that are irrefutable. As things get older, they slow down.

There were times I could play ball all day long and often did just that. Even as I got past my youthful years I stayed in decent shape and could keep up with all the younger guys. Once I entered my forties I could will myself to resemble my younger self for a limited amount of time. Now I find myself in my fifties. Here’s the thing. My brain still thinks I am thirty. It tells me to move right and get the ball just like I have always done. The problem is that my brain and body are not on the same page anymore. It’s like radio, I have a seven second delay.

It is truly a hit to the pride when you realize that you cannot do the things that you once did with ease.  To make matters worse, every now and then you get a one- time moment of past greatness. Why is that worse? It just rubs in the fact that it used to be there and now it is not. This is a truth in almost every aspect of life. We move slower, think slower, react slower and even type slower (Where is that back space button) as we age. However, there is one area where we can reverse this inevitable flow.

God has called us to grow closer to Him in all that we do. The more we seek Him and the more we move toward Him the deeper our relationship becomes. Honestly there is no limit to our spiritual prowess when we keep our eyes on Him. We can become wiser, fuller, stronger and more spiritually able with each day or year that passes. It is God’s will that we get as close to Him as we possibly can and so we have His permission to work against the natural order of diminishing returns.

I realize that I am never going to change the world with a slam dunk or a homerun, as good as those things feel. On the other hand, I do have the ability to change the world everyday as I draw closer and closer to God. As I grow spiritually I become a force for the Kingdom to which I have been called. I will join the ranks of the aging and take the hit to my pride, but I also choose to join those who are seeking to grow in the power of God’s Spirit every day. I may not always be at my best, but I am always increasing simply by desiring Him. Here’s the cool part: The more I grow in Him the less my pride becomes an issue.