Why does it always seem the timing of God’s calling is inconvenient?  I mean just when you get things flowing in a nice routine, or just when you finally arrive at a goal, or at a time when you are so very busy He decides to call out to you.  Doesn’t He realize we have lives?  Does He not understand how busy this modern day world can be?  Most days it is all I can do just to keep my head above water and He wants me to stop and help some stranger!  I don’t get it.  Do you?  It is almost like He takes the whole Lord and Savior thing literally.

I hope my tongue in cheek format is coming through loud and clear!  As much as I hate to admit it, much less say it, I think the above paragraph is what we sound like to God sometimes.  I have teenagers.  Sometimes I cringe when I realize how entitled they feel when it comes to my time and my stuff.  I realize of course some of that is normal, but I cringe even more when I hear the same sentiments coming out of my heart toward God.  I fail the respect test many days.  I come up short on giving Him due time daily.  After all, He will understand……Right?

In reality He does understand and is unbelievably gracious to us in our shortcomings.  He is also wise enough to withhold special missions and callings from His less motivated followers.  It is at this point we truly miss out on the phenomenal blessings of God.  You see, our greatest gifts come in giving ourselves completely to Him by serving Him whenever He calls.  When He asks us to be kind to an overworked store clerk, or to serve an elderly by helping them to their car with an arm load of purchases, or be a friend to the person at work or school who doesn’t fit in with anyone, He is calling us to be the incarnation.  God with man.  And when we fail to heed these calls, not only do the people miss out, but in a much larger way we miss out.

Do you get it?  He literally is our Lord and Savior.  He came into our world to accomplish that goal.  When we treat Him as anything less, we become very ineffective disciples.  The world needs a present God.  God, knowing that this was the case, put His Holy Spirit in all who accept Him so He could be available constantly.   It is an amazing thing to be a conduit for His power.  I would invite you to rethink your convenience factor.  Yes, He is a very inconvenient God and we are so very blessed because of that fact.  Next time His call interrupts your day, try it out and see if you still feel the same after you obey.  You may just find great joy in those inconvenient moments.