Last night my team lost. Well they didn’t just lose, they choked. It was a nightmare that I didn’t see coming. We went from victory dances to jaws hanging open. There were no words when it was over. In my younger days this moment would have hung over me for days, maybe weeks. It is amazing how much emotional investment we put on our teams. There will be angry and disappointed callers on radio shows all week long. There will be people who take a personal day from work just to grieve. This stuff hurts.

About an hour after the game last night I had a revelation. It’s over. These players will return to homes much nicer than any I will ever live in and move on with their lives. Why would I let their actions, or inactions in this case, take away my joy? After all, I didn’t lose the game. I simply watched it and hoped for a victory that did not happen.

There are so many more important things in my life that I am actually able to have an impact on that could use energy and focus. My family, my job, my friends, my writings. I am not limited today in my worship, my abilities, or my imagination. I can love the same and give as much as I could before the Big Game.

So, all in all, other than a little heartbreak and disappointment life goes on. I think it is the same with other disappointments we go through, though some are on a much larger scale. But when it is all said and done, regardless of the hurt and pain we suffer, we still have the ability to worship, to love, to take chances and to invite opportunities.

This is what I believe God means in the Psalms when He says His mercies are new every morning. He knew we would have struggles and let downs and  He was fully aware we would have disappointments of all measures. He also grasped we would need Him fresh each day. By coming to us in this way we have the opportunity to experience the full measure of His grace. It is as if we have a daily do over. We can’t always change our circumstances that quickly, but we can change our approach and our perspective when we look to Him. As simple as it sounds, it really is quite refreshing and profoundly effective.

So I invite all who are suffering today, especially Falcons fans, to open up to a fresh start and allow God to give you a new vision. Like the old chorus says “Holy Spirit fall afresh on me today”.