Fix Me

For me, the best quote from last week’s message was “If you pray for God’s will you have to give up yours.” So often we pray to God and ask Him for help or guidance and then we keep doing things our way. There is a story in Scripture about a man who is in hell and asks God to send someone to tell his loved ones there is a better way. The response is that even if the dead come back and tell them some will still not hear it. When I think of that story it reminds me of just how hard headed and stubborn we can be.

What we don’t like to hear is that healing and molding can be a painful process. When the doctor tells us something is going to hurt we brace ourselves and go through it because we want to be better. When God indicates something is going to be painful we tend to run and shut Him out. In so doing, we often miss the process that leads to our healing. That may be alright for us, but what about all those in our path who live with our unhealed selves?

God promises us He is indeed our healer. He never promises it will be easy. His presence and power are not cheap, but they are available to everyone. The pain is many times the catalyst that leads us to see Him in all His glory. If we are going to grow or heal, we must trust He knows what He is doing even when it hurts.

If you are praying “God fix me”, make sure you are following the instructions that come in response. I can assure you it will most likely be a divergence from your way, but I can also guarantee it will be effective.

Scott Brown