I have a good friend who loves fishing. He loves fishing so much that every time we are riding together and see a pond or a lake he begins to wonder out loud about the size of the bass that may be in that particular body of water. He doesn’t mean to do it, it just happens. He loves fishing so much that it is always on his radar. 

One of the most elusive things in our world is the thought of seeing God. How can we imperfect and broken people ever see a perfect God? Yet God tells us that it is possible. All we need is a pure heart. Did I hear someone say uh-oh? Before you give up too quickly, let me give you some hope through the perspective of my aforementioned friend. 

My friend sees fish everywhere because he is passionate about fish and about fishing. It never leaves his mind or his heart. Consequently, he catches a lot of fish. He is a pure fisherman. Notice that I did not say he was a perfect fisherman, nor did I say he was the best fisherman. But he is without a doubt a pure fisherman.

God does not need us to be perfect or the best. He is fully aware that those are beyond our reach. He does, however, call us to be pure. To keep Him on our minds, in our hearts, on our radar regularly. He wants to be the filter through which we see the world. When that happens, we start to see Him everywhere we go. We see Him and we respond to Him because we love being where He is. 

It is not hard to see God after all. It is simply a matter of loving Him to the point that we look for Him in everything. Many people ride with my friend and never notice the little pond tucked into the woods. Those people will never catch what he catches. In the same way, many people walk right beside us throughout our day and never see the God that we see. They have a different focus. If we want to see God, it is simply a matter of putting our focus on Him. Happy are those that do, for they WILL see God.

Scott Brown