Go With Me

My youngest son was on the shy side as he was growing up. Talking to people that he didn’t know made him very anxious. Every now and then I would push him to move past his comfort zone. He might ask for a condiment at McDonald’s and I would tell him to go and ask the person at the counter. His response was always the same, “Will you go with me?”. I smile at that memory and then I am propelled into my own past when I found comfort and strength in someone going with me. It is funny to recall, because the other person never changed the circumstances, they were just present. Somehow, some way, it made a world of difference for my son, for me and I imagine all of us.

This is one of the beautiful things that happens in a church when the Lord’s Supper is offered.  It is a moment that calls every Christian together in a common passion and allows us to go together. In that one moment, we are filled with faith together, we share the story of salvation together, and we bond at an altar together. It is truly a miracle each time because it may be the only thing in this world that draws so many different people with different walks into total agreement in a moment that is truly transcendent. 

We are called and created to be together. The next time that you find yourself saying to a friend or family member, “Will you go with me?”, let the comfort of that moment challenge you to have a moment of communion with God.  Take it one more step and offer to go with someone else and allow them to know the joy of communion as well. 

Gale Owens