Grayson Legacies: Knowing Your Legacy

Over the next month, we will have testimonies from leaders in the church sharing with us how their journey into stewardship has changed their lives.


We have been extremely blessed with the mentors and personal examples we have had in our lives. We were both raised going to church, but it wasn’t until we had our children that we found this church family. Richard’s grandfather was already considered a “lighthouse” among his group at the church, and he patiently encouraged  us to join them each Sunday. He never gave up on us, and eventually we joined them.


A few years later we joined the church. Now that we have been a part of GUMC for 17 years, we want to give back. Giving to the church means providing an opportunity for many others to move closer to God, especially the youth. In giving of our time to  mentor students in our church, whether it’s chaperoning, meeting with small groups, cooking pancakes, driving the bus, or just being available for a cup of coffee and a chat, being a role model is what giving is all about.


Tithing and mentoring have made a huge difference in our lives. We have been called as disciples. God has chosen these avenues for us to glorify Him and spread His love to others. We want to patiently encourage others to live and walk with God each day, just as we were guided by others. 


Gale Owens