The Hard Call

Have you ever avoided a phone call because you know what the person on the other end was going to say or ask?  Have you ever ducked at the office rather than face a person with whom you have conflict?  Have you ever slinked behind another person at school to avoid an awkward moment with someone?  I think most of us would say yes to all these questions. 

We as a people truly do not like conflict, especially when that conflict means something very difficult or uncomfortable is being asked of us. “Don’t answer that phone!  They want me to volunteer.” “Quick, hide me!  They are trying to ask me out.” “Everyone act like we are not home! It’s the Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Okay, that last one might be a little out of line, but you get the idea.

So, if this is in our nature, what do we do when God wants to ask us a hard question?  It is very difficult to hide from Him, isn’t it?  It may be difficult, but we are masters at trying.  Avoid church, or at least the pastor.  Don’t get to know anyone and they will never ask you to join anything or give anything. Pray quickly without really listening. Just a few of the standards.

Here’s the deal. God does ask us to do some things that are extremely difficult at times. Sometimes it is a call to leave where we are, physically or emotionally. At times it is to take on a call to something that we may not feel prepared to do. It is often to love someone that is very difficult to love. The positive is that it is always in line with His Kingdom purposes. We never know what part we are playing in the larger story. The real kicker is even though it is not about us all the time, we still get blessed in being obedient. In God’s economy, the more we give the more we get. Next time God asks you to do something difficult, remember He has already counted the cost for you. 

Gale Owens