To the End

Countless movies have launched off the theme of the guy or girl who did not fit into the top crowd at their school.  You know how the story goes.  Somehow, they transform themselves into some version that is not really them, but they go with it because they are accepted into the hierarchy of school royalty.  Along the way in every version they leave behind or leave out the friends that have been loyal throughout all.  When it all falls apart, and it always does, the old friends eventually forgive and maintain the loyalty that made them friends to begin with. 

These make great movies, but rarely do they put the emphasis on the real heroes.  The friends!  Those tried and true loyal compadres that stick no matter what.  These are the ones that get my attention because this is what I believe Jesus is calling us to be.

We live in an onslaught of items, ideas, and shiny things that vie for our attention and more importantly, our loyalty.  School teams and organizations demand absolute loyalty of students and parents.  Clubs and organizations want our best.  Our favorite teams demand that we watch faithfully.  We often do these things until their time runs out and something or someone comes to take their place.  We are too busy for things like extended family, old friends, or the things and places that made us who we are.  Now I get the reality of life and I don’t mean to sound like an old Andy Griffith episode, but another thing that causes us to be that friend reaching for wrong things is when we leave the roots of our faith. 

Our faith may be as old as we are or maybe only in its infancy, however, it is the one anchor that keeps us grounded and is always there for us no matter how many times we abandon it.  Imagine how those movies would turn out if the star saw through the allure of popularity and remained faithful to him or herself and their friends.  It wouldn’t make much of a movie, but it would be an awesome life.  Jesus has so much in store for each of us.  As a matter of fact, blessings for every day.  The question is are we there to receive them.   The goal should be to live a life where Jesus never has to wonder where we are.   We may not be perfect, but we certainly can be available and faithful to the one who gave us life and has granted us an amazing inheritance.  It may not be Hollywood lights, but it always works for our good. 

Gale Owens