Who Are You Waiting For?

Who Are You Waiting On?


I will never forget the phone call. It was the associate pastor from my parent’s church on the other line.  All I remember is “Scott, your dad has had a heart attack”. From that moment on it was the waiting.  Driving an hour to get to the hospital. Waiting to see how the open- heart surgery went. Waiting to see what the doctor would say about life after surgery. It was interminable. I would go through another surgery years later with my mom and experience the same emotions. Waiting is not easy. In most cases it is terrible simply because of our helplessness. There is nothing we can do.

We often feel this sense of powerlessness in waiting. It is not always so tragic, but rather a matter of waiting on something to come to us or waiting on someone else to show up. Either way it is not our favorite pastime. 

If this is the case, why does God seem to always want us to wait? Wait on the Lord, wait for the Holy Spirit, wait for the second coming, wait for the blessed hope. The only one that makes sense to me is in Romans 8 where we Paul says that “we groan inwardly as we eagerly wait…for the redemption of our bodies”. Groaning and waiting I get!

The difference is that God has a twist on waiting. He means for us to be active in our waiting. As we wait for Him to reveal His plans and purposes, He expects us to be actively serving Him in any way that we can. I have witnessed many Christians sitting and doing nothing for the Kingdom claiming to be waiting on God to lead them. This is not God’s plan.

Think of it like a restaurant. We used to call servers waiters. That was a correct use of the word. Waiting meant to be actively serving others. It was changed to describe its function more plainly. God wants us actively waiting. Finding ways to serve the people of this world while we wait for His next revelation to us or to the world. Often, it is in this type of waiting/serving that we find our callings. 

So, when I ask the question, “who are you waiting on?”, I am asking you who are you serving? Every Christian should be able to fill in that blank. If you cannot, I invite you into the waiting. I am confident that you will find joy there, not to mention God’s presence. Don’t believe me? Wait for it!

Gale Owens