Last night I had the privilege of speaking to a wonderful group of men in our church. We gathered together and fellowshipped over peanuts and BBQ. I emphasized the point that there is something amazing about men meeting together. It is simple and undefined, but in such a group conversations happen, joking around happens, encouragement happens and so it goes.

Years ago, God poured a passion into my heart and began to reveal to me that the modern church is not doing a good job of reaching men. Not only were we not reaching them, we were not using the ones that we had. Men like to be challenged and will rally around a strong vision. They want to be effective and hands on in anything that they do. Men have competitive hearts and conquering natures. It would seem to make sense that we create ministry that uses these wonderful gifts and makes a man feel like he has a place in a Kingdom that is in constant battle.

Our resolve is simply to be together and be available. Men being together with a purpose is a recipe for great things. Our particular group works to raise money for scholarships and missions, but also to create fellowship and ministry opportunities. It is simple, not overthought, and good. I want to encourage all men who are looking for good men to be around and looking to build strong relationships to make it out to Men’s events in your church. If you don’t have events, then maybe you are the one to start them.  It only takes a couple of guys and a heart to be the man God made you to be.

May God bless your meeting together.