Changing Our Minds

I am not a shopper. Let me be more clear. I hate shopping!! I am the typical male hunter gatherer. If I need something I go to the most likely store that carries what I need and I get that item. I don’t look at other things and I don’t compare and contrast.  I get my target item and get out. Many people I know are just the opposite. They like to go into several stores and look at everything available just in case they “change their mind”. I realize everyone has their own way of doing it and mine is not necessarily the so called ‘right way’, but for me it works. I don’t want to change my mind.

I know how stubborn all of that sounds and I realize that I miss a lot of opportunities by being so set in my ways. However, in one area of life this actually works. When it comes to our attention to Christ we need to be this single minded. It is amazing how many things pull on us and tug at us and call us to fit into our culture. Assimilate. Become one with everyone and everything. Be normal. The Bible tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we will not conform to the patterns of this world. In other words, we are to be counter cultural on many levels.

We have to live in the world we have. However, we do not have to think like of which we are a part. Paul’s encouragement to us in Romans 12:2 is a practical one. If we do not intentionally pattern our thoughts after Christ and His Word, we will be swept up into the culture in which we live.  If that happens, we are not standing out as witnesses nor as servants. The way the world thinks and acts is easy and takes little effort to go along.  It also ends poorly and rarely works toward anything significant.  So if you are not looking to Christ as the template for your thoughts, then it is time to “change your mind”.  That can be done by simply recommitting and reprioritizing.  When Christians begin to do this, we are on the verge of revival!