Do you ever wonder in a really honest moment how much your Church life matters?  Does God care if I am in church or at the ballfield?  Does our attendance get translated to Heaven somehow?  Whether we ask these things or not, I can tell you that we have a generation that is asking. As a matter of fact, they are not asking as much as they are declaring that Church is not relevant.  It seems to be skidding out of control as membership in Churches continues to decline in the U.S. and we move closer to an entirely new understanding of culture.

So what’s missing?  How can we change this apathy toward the Church?  Is it too late?  I don’t think so.  I think it is simply a matter of Church people becoming or at least start acting like Christians.  In other words, we often call ourselves Christians and mean many things by that word.  We may mean that we grew up in Christian family.  We may be referring to our preferred religion.  We may even operate our lives around certain values that we would call Christian.  What God is looking for is not people who are familiar with Him, but instead people who are committed to Him.  People who are sold out to His plan and His purposes.  When this happens people come to Church not because they are obligated, but because there is purpose there that changes lives.  That’s right, Christians who act like Christians are those whose commitment leads to radical love, sacrificial giving and overflowing grace.  That is attractive to anyone.

In order for this to happen we have to get plugged in to small groups and start entering into community together.  We have to be challenged and held to graceful accountability.  We have to be encouraged and to encourage others.  This happens when we meet together and worship together.  I hope that you will find a place to get connected in the life of your church.  The world needs the church to work.  The world needs the Church to be committed.