Probably the most significant invention of the sixteenth century was Guttenburg’s printing press.  Suddenly written material could be mass produced and important books such as the Bible could be put in the hands of the common people.  We read in our histories that event had a major impact on many areas of life and reshaped the course of history.  As world-altering as this was, don’t you imagine there were people along the way that complained: “Now I have to learn to read” and “I like it better when the priest reads it out loud for us”.  My imagination has no trouble with these scenarios because we have the same attitudes today with every new advancement.

I confess that I have my kids set up my television and DVD players. I have people in my office that help me with my computers. I have a real fear that if I accept my phone update horrible things will happen. I might have been one of those 16th century complainers had I lived back then. The difference is that I enjoy all technology can do, I just don’t like pushing the buttons. It is intimidating to say the least.

I have talked with countless people who feel the same way about the Bible. After all it is a holy book that holds all the answers to life and has unmatched power. We feel like we should know it because we grew up in church, but most feel less than equipped to tackle it.

I have found if I experiment with my computers and phones and tablets and spend some time with them, they are not nearly as frightful. Once I give them a little time I get quite comfortable. I find it amazing that the newest and latest technology of the 21st century has this in common with the most ancient of writings. You see, once we start spending some time in God’s Word and getting familiar with it, we find it is really quite useful and not scary at all.

My encouragement is while you are adjusting to all the new lines of phones and tablets coming out, spend some time with the Bible as well. You know you can download it on any device, if you have the guts to try!  Enjoy your future.