By the time this blog is posted we will have passed another apocalyptic prediction that failed to come true. September 23rd was the latest forecast for all things to end. A few years ago it was the Mayan calendar fascination. With all the hurricanes and earthquakes around the world the conversations are rebounding. Is it all a sign?

I do not profess to be an expert on apocalyptical literature but I am confident of two things. Firstly, Jesus told us that no one knows the day or time of His return except the Father. As Christians that is the only day that matters as far as end times go. Secondly, each of us will at some point have a last day. We only have a certain number of years here and there is never a guarantee of tomorrow.

The question is what will we do with the time we have. We can choose to focus on and  get all excited about the signs and the end of days, but this can lead to unnecessary stress that is not healthy for anyone. A better option is that we can take every day and make it meaningful and purposeful so that we impact the world in which we live. As Christians this is our first call.

I get it. End times stuff is fascinating and intriguing. However, it often leads to unnecessary worry. God has given us each new day as an opportunity to witness the possibility of His Glory touching our reality. That is something that we should look forward to no matter what the forecast.