When we fully understand and encounter God’s grace it should truly shake us to our core. However, so many modern Christians take grace for granted and walk through life with no measure of holiness or Christlikeness. As long as we are good people and generally do good, then ar o g copyll is well. The modern church seems to be fine with everything and everyone and we are scared to death to call people deeper because they may quit coming. In the meantime, we have a world screaming for some measure of authority that will actually deal with our human problems. We have the answer!  We simply need to remind ourselves that we are saved by grace and called to be like Jesus. When we do that, we find that real joy and real peace and real life all fall into place. Grace is wonderful and life changing, but it is not an excuse to live outside of His calling. Enjoy the grace He has given you. Take full advantage of all of its blessings by living as His disciple. You will never look back, I promise!