It’s a fact. We live in a broken world and try as we must we cannot avoid the effect of that brokenness as it invades our lives. It is simply part of our normal. We know it is there and we desperately reach out and try and find cures or fixes for our less than ideal situations. When we pray, what we are truly asking is that God will take the broken places away and replace them with new and better. Our God thinking here is a bit selfish in nature. God redeems broken things and makes them new. He does not always take them away. What He wants instead is to speak into our brokenness so that we hear His voice and find a way through. He joins us in other words in our broken places. Something wonderful happens in the moment that we recognize His presence. We find that we are not alone, but more importantly we find that our brokenness does not define us. We are defined, or redefined if you will, by His presence. This is where real faith begins. We don’t need a fix, we need a voice. Once we are able to focus and hear that voice, we find that we are in truth already healed. Our goal should not be to escape broken places, but to exist in all places listening to the gentle whisper of the one voice that makes us whole all by itself.