Do you ever wonder what we did before Google? Every time I have a question that query can be answered in a matter of seconds.  All I need to have is my computer or my phone handy.  What used to be hours of research now takes only a click.  Now before you think I am about to bring judgement on this source of instant knowledge think again. I love that I can get more done and find more answers that maximize my work and my play.  I am very grateful such a conglomeration of information exists and I can take advantage of the hard work of so many others. Why in the world would we not use such a tool?

I have the same question when it comes to Scripture. After all, every answer to every life question that has ever been asked is contained in the pages of God’s Word. It is simply a matter of opening and looking. I admit the answers may not come as easily as the ones we search for on Google, but they are there. The major difference is the answers contained in God’s Word don’t simply change a moment, they change life itself.

For most people Google is the ‘go to’ search engine. There are others, but they just don’t seem to measure up so therefore people don’t use them very often. We go to what works. It seems to be just the opposite with Scripture. It may be the only source of real truth, but we go out of our way to try every other option that the world offers when we need answers.

I guess the reality is that Google works because it gives us what we want right away. That is where the difference comes in to play. Scripture certainly does have all the answers, but they come when we dedicate ourselves to its precepts and concepts. It comes alive when we allow it to guide our lives and our futures. It is not always instant. However, it is always exactly what we need.

Next time you need to do a search for the answer that you are seeking, try going to the original search engine. You know, the one with all the answers. If you don’t know where to start, Google Bible Studies. See, they can work together very well.