Men of Grayson

We are a group of men who want to invest in our homes, church and communities by showing an example of what it means to be men of God. Join us for special events, monthly meals, and in mission.

For information, contact 770-963-2944 or email 

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Lasagna and Chips!

As the Men of Grayson UMC, we strive to create unique opportunities for fellowship and entertainment.  On Thursday night, October 26, we welcome you to a lasagna dinner with tables set up for Texas Hold ’em **NO CASH needed, nor will there be any gambling.  We will have multiple tables to accommodate all skill levels, so if you are more familiar with “Go Fish” than “landing a gutshot straight on the river”, come learn the game among friends.  We ask for a $10 donation to cover the cost of the dinner. **Please RSVP by October 24 to