History tells the story of mankind’s love of control. It began in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve decided they should control what they could eat and to whom they answer. Since then it has been a story of which leader would control which land down to who would control each individual home.  Unfortunately, the church has not been exempt. Religion has spurred wars, dictatorial laws, and separation of people who claim to believe in the same God. Not the most flattering picture.

This trend continues in the modern church as we battle over who will get their way in worship styles, monetary decisions and leadership positions. Because we battle so much over these trivialities we forget the purpose to which we have been called. That purpose is to give up control and let God lead us in every aspect of life.

The result of spending so much time battling for control is that we have lost sight of just how big God really is. We have created a church that is as only as powerful as its budget or its facilities. We are weakened by the fact we all have rules that make us who we are and often exclude from joining us in our mission. The church had asked what can they can do to reach more people so the buildings will be full again. In so doing they have run after every program and leader that promises an answer.

I am not saying programs are bad and there are not good effective leaders that can help churches. I am saying these things cannot be the highest thing for which we reach. We need to remember we have a God who is infinitely bigger than we can imagine.  A God who can lead us when we are willing to follow.  A God who can satisfy every hunger in our bodies and souls. A God who gives visions and dreams. A God who cares more for every lost soul than he does about what kind of building we erect. A God who knows no limits or restrictions when it comes to His Salvation.

I could go on for pages about how big our God is. If we are going to convince the world that He is relevant I am absolutely convicted that we have to get back to a reliance on His greatness. I can do so much with my gifts and talents. Paul says that with Christ I can do all things. He must be our first and best option if we are going to see the Salvation of the world. My cry is that we as the church simply remember just how big our God wants to be in us. If we can do that we may find our love of control and all the brokenness that comes with it can die at the feet of a far superior power.