The word pledge is a powerful word.  It has the connotation of permanence or at the very least great devotion.  When we pledge allegiance to the flag, we are saying that we are loyal Americans and that we support our country.  Interestingly, most of us do not agree with everything our country does nor do we participate in all that our country supports.  And yet, we are loyal Americans.   Many churches have just wrapped up pledge campaigns in which we ask our members to pledge financially to support the missions of our churches.  It is no secret that the same phenomenon happens in churches as it does in our nation.  We don’t always agree with everything our churches do.  There are times we might not like the direction of our church.  But at the end of the day, it is our church.  I hope and pray that we will return to the loyalty and commitment of a mission greater than ourselves and honor our pledges and promises.  When we all stand together and hold something as valuable, it has the potential to be world changing.  I pray that our small differences don’t make us forget the incredible call of God’s church.  Our dedication is to this call.  Our giving and faithfulness should be based on this and this alone.  As you pledge, remember that call.