I am really not sure that ingrate is even a word. It sure was used as one while I was growing up! It was used to refer to people who didn’t appreciate what they had been given. They were just a bunch of “ingrates”! If an employee was complaining, he or she was an ingrate. If a kid was unhappy with a situation, he was an ingrate. I heard this word all over the community in which I lived.

Whether it is a word or not, it sure seemed to capture the sentiment and paint a pretty vivid picture. I wonder if God would use that word on His Church today. We take so much for granted and have truly become accustomed to things happening on a certain level. We expect more and more from pastors and church staff. The production has to be better each week. Somebody somewhere is doing it in a new and fresh way. It seems it is never enough.

I wonder what would happen if we used “Praise and Worship” time to actually be thankful for all the blessings we do have in our lives and in our churches. I wonder what would happen if we remembered how God got us to where we are. I wonder what it would feel like if we showed thanks to one another in church instead of pointing out the mistakes in the bulletin. In other words, I wonder what would happen if we simply rejected the spirit of the “ingrate” in our churches.

We might discover the joy that we once knew. We just might come away with a blessing instead of something to stew over at lunch. We could possibly lift up another brother or sister at a critical time. Most of all, God might find that it sounds a lot more like Heaven and show up in a more powerful way.

I don’t know, just something to THANK about.