Sometimes it feels like God is moving at glacial speed. Do you ever feel that way? It is almost as if He doesn’t understand how bad I need an answer right away. Is it that He is busy? Is it possibly that He doesn’t care?  I dare not say things like that out loud because He might be listening and then I will never get an answer. If you have ever felt any of these things, then join the crowd.  Everyone gets frustrated with God and everyone wishes He would move with a bit more haste when it comes to our needs.

So the question becomes, is God really that slow?  The answer is yes and no. Yes, He really does move slowly at times.  However, He also moves in perfect timing to our situation.  In other words, if it feels slow, God is not really the issue.  He moves so that He can maximize our blessings.  Sometimes the answer we want is not the answer we need.  Many times in my life the answer comes in the faithful waiting.  The people of Israel spent 40 years on an 11 day journey.  Why?  God had to transform them from a slave mentality to a free mentality. They tried to pack it in and go back to Egypt time after time.  God was patient with them and loving to them and waited until they were ready to enter His promise.

If you are frustrated at God’s timing in your life, it might be wise and helpful to open your eyes and see if there is a reason He is moving so slowly in your circumstance.  If you cannot see a reason, you may find peace in just accepting the fact that He is always working for your good and simply rest in that faith.  I am so thankful that God has moved so slowly in my life at times. Those moments are usually followed up by the greatest times of my life.