I cannot tell you how many times over the years I have heard someone give me their reason for not needing church.  “All I need is nature”. “I get church through a television ministry”. And the list goes on. Not to be rude or argumentative, but those things are not enough. I am not saying that we can’t find God through a variety of avenues, but I am saying that we cannot experience His fullness outside of community. The Church, even with all of its faults, is the community in which God calls us to live. We need community to celebrate, to grieve, to work things out, to model life, to be effective, to learn, and so on.   People in church are not perfect. They will at times be insensitive and hurt your feelings. But where on Earth are you going to find people who don’t? The Church is where God calls us together to live life. We do that through worship, but also through growing relationships in smaller groups. I encourage all of us to get connected. Plug in somewhere and offer your gifts and allow others to offer theirs to you as well. You really can’t do it as well on your own.