Knowing His Will

The greatest challenge to every Christian life is finding and knowing God’s will.  I have found that the biggest hurdle to knowing God’s will is the love I have for my own will. Yes, I confess. I love my way! Don’t we all? We love it because it is what we know and what we are comfortable with. In order for God to speak to us, He needs to know that we are willing to at least listen. I would love it if I were that person who heard God and obeyed without question. However, I am human and the sin nature in all of us is powerful. In other words, we have a built in rebellious attitude.The journey of Discipleship is working hard to be better listeners and more obedient servants of Jesus Christ. As we do this, we will find that God’s will is more and more evident.The wonderful bonus is that we also find that His will is also more enjoyable and fulfilling.  So do your best to be a good listener and listen for what God wants to do in your life.