As I get older and live through more of life’s experiences, I find I am becoming a better listener. I am not by any means claiming to be a good listener, just a better listener. Experience is a great teacher. I listen with more grace as I have experienced falls. I listen with more empathy as I have suffered in my own life. I listen with more interest as I explore more adventures. The question becomes “Am I becoming a better listener to God through all of this experience?”.

My hope is that the answer is yes. However, I feel that we must visit that question regularly. There are a great many voices vying for our attention in this world. They come in the midst of busy times and hectic lives. They can consume and take up a great deal of our listening time. It is important that we do a self-check on a regular basis to make sure that we are listening to the one voice that really matters.

My hope is as you experience life, you find you are becoming a better listener. My fondest hope is  you are finding God’s voice is getting easier to hear as you spend more and more time listening for it. Lean in and listen carefully, He may speak a life giving word to you today.