Minister of Recreation

We are currently looking for a Minister of Recreation responsible for coordinating and administering the recreation programs at Grayson United Methodist Church. If interested, please review the job description below and then email your resume to


Position: Minister of Recreation                                                                    Date Prepared: 12/10/13

Full or Part Time: Full Time                                                                        Reports to: Senior Pastor

Education/Experience: High School Diploma; Two years additional education or job experience in recreation preferred


 The Recreation Minister is responsible for coordinating and administering the recreation programs offered by Grayson UMC; managing the recreational facilities, overseeing the necessary personnel and volunteers, and creating and implementing ministerial curriculum.


This position requires a self-motivated person who can problem solve and possess people skills.  They must have organizational, planning and decision making skills, as well as, interpersonal, supervisory, verbal and written communication skills. The perspective hire must be able to implement athletic programs, have a functional understanding of recreational equipment and terminology, and have competent computer skills to aid in the process.  The candidate should also be able to use sports as a ministry.

MAJOR DUTIES:               

Administrative responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and promote basketball, adult softball, soccer, and flag football seasons, and summer camps.
  • Prepare yearly budget.
  • Process registrations and payment receipts.
  • Organize registrants into teams, schedule practices and games.
  • Plan end of the season parties and gifts (no trophies).
  • Maintain and organize storage areas related to the recreation program.
  • Keep and maintain an inventory of all sports related items.
  • Communicate any changes in practice or game times to coaches or parents in a timely manner.
  • Maintain positive relationships with stakeholders of the Recreation Ministry including coaches, referees, participants, parents, family members, etc.)
  • Facilitate growth in diversity.


Spiritual Responsibilities:

  • Ensure prayer happens before every game.
  • Ensure coaches, referees and volunteers act in a Christian manner consistent with the guide lines used by the Recreation Minister.
  • Keep a prayer life and spiritual life within and outside of the job, to set an example for those that are within the ministry.
  • Cast and implement a vision for the ministry. 

Presence Responsibilities:

  • Attend all games and practices, or ensure a trained, approved point-of-contact is present.
  • Proactively prevent and quickly address any disagreements or arguments.
  • Coordinate an appropriate response effort for all injuries or medical issues.
  • Interact with families in a way that promotes Grayson UMC. 

Personnel Responsibilities:

  • Recruit, train, manage, schedule game officials, coaches, and camp counselors
  • Maintain/Create volunteer groups that are able to help with various events in regular sports seasons, camps and tournaments.
  • Manage, utilize, and report to the Recreation Ministry Board and Administrative Council.
  • Discuss and prepare the monthly report for Admin Council with the Recreation Board Representative.



Responsibility and decision-making authority: This position carries the responsibility of          recreational decisions and reports directly to the Senior Pastor.

Contacts: This position will interact with the total church staff, lay leadership, volunteers, Recreation Ministry Board, and various individuals involved in sports programs here at GUMC.  

Expected time commitments: This position requires various daytime hours, as well as numerous weeknight and Saturday hours throughout the year.  The Recreation Minister is expected to adapt their schedule to best meet the needs predicated by the current sport in season.  Mandatory attendance and participation is required at staff meeting every week, Tuesday at 10 am, unless absence is approved by Senior Pastor.  The Recreation Minister is expected to be at Admin Council each month, unless direct responsibilities for the program interfere.