Many people do not know that I am quite a magician.  I perform for anyone four years of age and under and usually leave my audiences in awe. I only have two tricks and both require my hand to be faster than a young child’s eye. It is all about misdirection.

As silly as all of that may sound, it is also a very good picture of how easily we as Christians get fooled by some extremely simple and predictable tricks. All that I have to do to fool a little kid is to make sure they are looking at anything except the piece of candy that I am placing in an unseen hiding place. In the same manner, all that our enemy has to do to render us ineffective, or at least less effective, is to get us to look at anything other than God.

We are created and designed to be at our maximum potential.  That design is dependent on us keeping our eyes on the Creator.  As we do that we find we see more clearly, understand with more wisdom, function with more power, and grow with more purpose. The next step is critical. Be careful not to get caught up in the misdirection of the enemy.

Misdirection is anything that catches our attention and takes it away from our focus on God. It can be bad things or good things. Very often it is the good things that cause us to miss God. We get caught up over focusing on our jobs, our hobbies, our families or even our ministries.  All of these things are wonderful gifts from God, but none of them are capable of taking the place of God. When we put them where they do not belong, then we are left with our mouths hanging open and wondering how we got to where we are. It is all about misdirection.

Keep it simple. Start each day putting Him first by devotion and prayer. Keep your focus where it belongs. By doing so, we take away the power of misdirection and we function at our highest capacity.