Sherlock Holmes keeps me enraptured. I love a good mystery. It is probably why I enjoy leadership as well. There is always a problem that seems unsolvable…at first! It is fun to figure things out when there is enough evidence to make that happen. It is not so fun to work out problems when you do not have all the facts.

A few years ago, we had a neighbor that seldom came out of her house. She would turn lights on and off at random times and peer out of her front door late at night. She was very quirky and mysterious. She kept a shovel on her front porch that added to the suspicious behavior. Once we saw her come out and get in a rocking chair on her front porch but she refused to wave or say hello. Can you imagine the stories that were made up about her? Every neighbor had a different tale. My kids who are very imaginative came up with some doozies. We didn’t live there very long and so I never got to find out what her story entailed.  That drives me crazy.

Many people today seem to a little lost in the story of life.  What happens next? Where do we go from here?  Is there life after death? The disturbing part of this is that many of these questions are coming from people in our churches. Much like the story of my mysterious neighbor, when people don’t have all the facts they tend to fill in the blanks themselves. We have all kinds of theories about life and the hereafter rolling through our culture.

The truth is that God has provided all the evidence we need. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to communicate to us that His Son is the way to life. That includes life here and life to come. He has laid an incredible foundation for us through the scriptures. He did this so that we would not have to believe in a random moment in history. He wanted us to have all the facts. The story flows perfectly and explains everything that we need to know in order that we may rest in the security of salvation.

Sherlock Holmes left no piece of evidence unturned. If we you are struggling to find the mystery of life I would invite you to examine all the details. It’s a pretty big deal, right? What’s the harm in taking the time to see what God has to say through the Bible? You may find that the truth is so much better than anything we can make up. I hope and pray that you enjoy your investigation!