I am always amazed at the resiliency of all that God has created. The human body’s ability to bounce back after injury or sickness is a wonder in and of itself. Nature seems to have a built-in reset. When left to themselves rivers can wash themselves clean of pollution. Trees grow back after forests are cut down or burned. All of these things are to me living and tangible examples of God’s Grace. Scripture says that He is making all things new when it speaks of God’s Kingdom coming in its full glory. Paul talks about the renewal of created things.

There are stories about people who have lived through things in this life that I cannot imagine. People who have lived through war. People who have lived through abuse. People who have lived through starvation and poverty. I recently read a novel about the war children of Sierra Leone and how they were kidnapped and trained to do unspeakable things to their fellow countrymen during that country’s civil war just a few years ago. Then there are our stories.

Now you may be like me and find stories like these to be outside of your realm of imagination.  However, there is a principle that applies to each of us no matter how severe the pains and hurts of our past may have been. It is found in the picture of God’s creation that I referred to in the beginning of this blog.  Just as God has created everything to find a resurrection moment, He has given us through His grace resurrection power over everything and anything that can come against us.  Put simply, no matter what our story has been, through Him we have the ability to be new again.  To be more accurate, we have the ability to be new again and again and again and again….you get the picture.

He never stops working with us to make us new.  His desire is that we be like Him.  We fail at that by our own doing and at times by the impact of others in our lives. Regardless of how many times we come up short, He is always available to bring new life.

So as you move into this New Year I invite you to open yourselves to His resurrection power and let His grace begin to make something new happen in your life. I promise, He is not worried about the past. He is only interested in the life that rises from the ashes. Resolutions are fine, but they usually rely on our will.  Resurrection was His plan and works by His will.  And it always works. Happy New Year to all and may this one be filled with “New”.