I have had a couple of people over the years tell me that they firmly believe that the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament are two very different Gods. In their version, the Old Testament God is angry and vengeful and the New Testament God is full of love and peace.  I get it to a point.  There are certainly different things going on culturally and God at times must enact justice that can seem harsh.  However, that is about as far as the differences go.

I have spent today going over notes for a Bible Study that I am doing on the first five books of the Bible.  As I read and study about all that God had to do to establish a nation with some really stubborn and hard- headed people, I am amazed that we didn’t see more of His anger.  Instead, what comes through over and over in the reading is God’s grace, love, patience and long suffering with the people He loves.

Honestly, when you put the themes together and start seeing the big picture you get a spot on description of the love of Jesus.  I contend that the Bible is put together with on single and solid thread.  That thread is the extreme and over-zealous love of a God for His people. So, I must disagree strongly with my friends who see two Gods in the Bible. I clearly see a God who created us, called us, redeemed us and saved us in every book of the Bible.

I know that the Old Testament can be challenging at times, but I invite you to take the time to dig a bit.  I am sure that you will find what I have.  A God who would go to any length to let you know how much He loves you.