What do you envision when you hear the word “Passion”?  Maybe you think of romantic passion, intense desire for a hobby or sport, or someone’s zest for life. The word is strong and connotates vivid feelings. It is rarely used in an ordinary or afterthought context. It is zeal, it is deep and it is fiery.

During this season that comes just before Easter, we speak of the Passion of Christ. For the uninformed Christian that is more than a movie title. It is the defining reason that we have Easter and in turn eternal life. Passion is a God created emotion and desire. It is the chief of all desires. It describes that one thing or one person that we cannot live without. We sacrifice for the ones for which we are passionate. It is a burning insatiable desire that cannot be quenched. It is that feeling of intensity with which God approaches our lives.

Jesus could not have endured all the suffering and sacrifice He did without a passion for each of us that was greater than any earthly threat. He loved you and me with such a burning desire that nothing would stop Him from saving us.

Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate this level of passion and our subsequent salvation. However, I don’t believe this is a once a year deal for God. The Bible says His passion for us is a twenty-four seven deal. What a wonderful thought that I am loved that often to such a degree.

My prayer for each person that reads this simple blog is that you would be reminded of the passion He has for you. No matter who you are or where you are, He literally moved Heaven and Earth for you. He wants nothing more than to grow that relationship and allow you to get to know more of His goodness. I hope Easter will be a launching place for you and you will find a way to dive into His passion. I can promise one thing: You will never regret it.

Happy Easter!