On more than one occasion I have sat with parents and witnessed the complete and utter helplessness that comes when their children reap the consequences of bad decisions.  Sometimes it is in their home, sometimes at a hospital and sometimes in a police station. I have also experienced some of it in my own life.  Not being able to help your children in an hour of great need is the most powerless feeling in life.
I think we get a fraction of the same frustration when we listen to news reports that talk about failing cultures, corruptions in government, or when it’s simply a bad news day. All of these things are happening around us and we are powerless to do much about it. It brings a sort of angst that upsets our hearts and nags at our minds.
Though these feelings are normal, we need to remember we are not as limited nor as powerless as we might believe. We always have the ability to appeal our circumstances to a much higher power than anything that holds us captive in this world.
Through Peter, God has told us to cast all of our anxieties on Him. He has the power and authority to infiltrate any and all situations. He does not move according to our time schedule, but history and testimony have proven that He always moves perfectly.
There is no worse feeling in this world than the feeling of being powerless.  However, there is also no better place or time to discover the true power that is more real than any control we may think we have. Truth be told, we are really powerless at every moment in our lives. We are simply recipients of His grace and His sustaining force. Once we learn to count on Him in this role, we then learn what it is to worship and find peace in any and all situations.
Next time you are in a place where you feel powerless, allow reality to lead you to the source of all power. Lean on Him and experience His presence as it redefines your moments.


Pastor Scott