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Are you going through a hard time? Maybe a Stephen Minister can help. Call the Stephen Ministry help line at 770-963-2944, ext. 234. All calls are confidential. This line is password protected. 

Mental illness is a devastating disease, not only for those who have it, but also for the families and friends who love them. If you or a loved one is dealing with mental illness, there are places you can go to for help. Click here for resources available in our area.


Prayers of Christian Sympathy:

Our prayers also go out for Mike Green and the family for the death of his mother and his nephew. Please keep the Green family in your prayers during this difficult time.

Prayers for Andrew Shih on the death of his father Yen-Chuei (David) Shih

Prayers of Christian Sympathy go out for Scott Brown and family. His father’s youngest brother died last week.

Prayers for Brian  & Jennifer Lawrence on the death of his Uncle Terry.

Requests for week of November 19th:

New Requests:

Jane Hand
Don Wiegand
Lori Lowry’s friends
Dave Moore’s mother
Carol Calhoun’s friend
Glennie Mullins
Janis Smith
Keenan Stringer
Jane Wages sister, Pat
Marilyn Williams
Les Witmer
Paul Black
James (Ken) Canady
Lillian Freeman
Susan Gerard’s Aunt
Paul Grimm
James & Winona Hulsey
Marguerite Smith
Shannon Norville’s mother
Scott Brown’s father
Aleisa Hodgens’ son
Marjorie Poole
Martha Gosch
Alesia Hodgens’ son
Ada Ordonez
Les Witmer

Ongoing Prayers For Those Serving in Missions:

The McClures,
Carey Childrey,
Marcelo Fonseca
Eric & Miranda Marlowe



Ongoing Prayers For Those Serving in Military:

Major Chad Marley (Fort Gordon, GA)
Brian Humphrey Amy McCutchen Humphrey’s husband
Sgt. Mark Bejcha (Fort Hood)
Major Allen Kehoe, Barbara Shelton’s nephew
LMA Kevin Carr, Jimmy Ashman’s Nephew (Royal Navy HM Submarines)
Robert Harris (Afghanistan)
Zack Harris, Viriginia Harris’ grandson (Persian Gulf)
Ty Kent, Lauri Mayo’s son-in-law (Virginia Beach)
Justin Webber (Fort Benning)
Kalie Jones Ellie Petty’s granddaughter (Washington DC)
Richard Charles Mitchell, Nancye Glenn’s cousin (overseas)
Lee Watkins Jim Reavis’ nephew (Virginia Beach)

Ongoing Prayers For Those Battling Cancer:

Joanne Schafer’s sister
Milton Clark
Mimi Kalunga
Jayde Joseph
Elanor Brunot
Janice Chapman’s great-niece
Amy Miller’s mother,
Keyton Weissinger
Richard Brown
Carol Calhoun’s, cousin
Carol Calhoun’s friend
Jackie Risser’s Daughter-in-law
Charlene Tribble
Gale Owen’s cousin
Lee Ann Layson’s Father
Dewey Moody
Chuck Caricofe’s stepfather
Al Sherling
Mary Ellen Doughty’s sister
Marjorie Poole
Ada Ordonez


Ongoing Prayers For Those In Assisted Living:

Betty Crow (The Oaks)
Alan Haines (East Lake Arbor)
Betty Ibele (The Great Oaks)
Roy Walker (The Yellow Brick House)
Opal Hicks (Magnolia Place)
Flora Ayala (Brookdale)
Elanor & Felix Brunot (Savannah Court)
Myra Golden (Southern Plantation)
Dorothy Peetz (Benton House)
Keenan Stringer (Sunrise)
Cheryl Grimm
Jack Pulley (Southern Plantation)
Cindy Harris’ Mother
Russ Tripp’s Mother (Magnolia Place)
JR Lusk (Southern Plantation)
Martha Parker (The Great Oaks)
Don & Kathryn Lee (Benton House)
Jane & Quentin Hand (Garden Plaza)
Edna Nadeau (Magnolia Place)
Kay Acree (Sunrise at Webb Gin)