As I stood in line at my local Kroger one day, I was fully aware that the two cashiers standing with their backs to me were completely unaware that a customer had approached. I listened as they both described a particular customer who had acted inappropriately to each of them. One was more shaken than the other, but both were concerned. I realized at that moment that they both needed an encouraging word. My normal impatient self would usually have been irritated at their unprofessional act and frustrated at having been made to wait. However, thankfully the Holy Spirit took charge and I found myself offering words of grace. These were two ordinary ladies who were afraid and shaken.

Our call is to be ready to offer grace anytime and anywhere. Since that day I have tried to always approach each moment knowing that I am to serve first and to be served second. As Christians, we are called to love others as we love ourselves. I am so thankful for the grace others have offered to me over the years when I really deserved just the opposite. My encouragement to each of you is to remember that you are a Christian first in all situations. Once we realize that then step two is easy. Act like it!  It makes life a whole lot more fun and exciting.