Stop Complaining

I recently read an article by a man whose entire field of study is looking at the way the Bible is used in the world. In this article he made the statement that we are more Biblically illiterate now than at any other time in modern history. The Bible is still on the all- time best seller list. We still purchase and own Bibles on a regular basis. Most homes have a Bible. The problem, according to this expert, is that we simply don’t read them or know much about them.

We as a people are much like people of all times. We are prone to complain and moan about the times in which we live. We are usually upset about our Government leaders and the direction of our nation.  We get absolutely indignant about the “younger” generation. In all of it we are expressing a general discontent with life. This complaining usually finds its way into our churches and ministries as well.  I know, shocking!

It is my contention that the two things go hand in hand. I believe that complaining is a result of a lack of proper authority. As we read God’s Word less and less we move farther and farther from the only real authority in our lives. When we refuse to understand the basic tenants of God’s Word we are left to make our own way and form our own rules and authorities in life. This would be fine except for the fact that everyone else is doing the same and those authorities don’t usually gel together very well.  So, we end up with conflict and complaining.

In order to find a place in life that is free of the agitation that leads to complaining, we need to submit ourselves once again to God’s authority.  We begin this process by simply becoming students of His Word once again.  If He is who we claim Him to be then His Word holds the keys to all areas of life.  It’s a shame that we have minimized it in our world today.  Imagine having in your possession a book that speaks to every aspect of life, one that gives wisdom for every situation, one that offers a view of God like none other, and one in which we find abundant life.

The good news is that we don’t have to imagine it.  It is at our disposal every day.  Sadly, we are simply under using this wonderful gift.  I encourage all of us to take a moment and reconnect with your Bibles.  Start a simple daily plan that will once again open you to the power it holds for all people. Get reacquainted with the authority that leads you to a life of praise and not complaining.  If we don’t start soon, where will this generation end up?  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the complaining.  I want to see where His Word leads me next.