We are acutely aware of all kinds of diseases and viruses go around our region. Our kids pick them up at school and they come home and share them with the entire family. But there is another very costly issue that we sometimes ignore…..Spring Fever!

How in the world could Spring Fever be harmful? I thought you might ask that. Let me explain. To be clear, no one is immune to Spring Fever. It happens to all of us as the weather warms, trees begin to bloom, summer time begins to woo us ever so softly, and all our favorite outdoor activities become possibilities. It is an amazing and wonderful feeling. Okay, so where does the danger come in?  Once Spring reveals itself we want to work shorter days, take longer weekends, sleep in and just enjoy the beautiful days. It gets difficult to focus on school and work. Normal chores get left for outdoor moments.  All of this behavior is common with this particular fever.

The danger is found in the fact that as we begin to push all these things aside, we tend to also push our Discipleship aside as well. Church attendance gives way to cutting grass or going to the lake. Morning devotions become morning walks. Once in a while these occurrences are very acceptable. After all God created us to enjoy all His handy work. The problem is that we sometimes let Spring Fever have a significant impact on our routines and disciplines of life. Once that has happened it is really difficult to get those necessary habits back into place.

I get it. We all need a little Spring Fever. My caution is simply this. Enjoy it to the fullest. Just don’t let it torpedo your walk with God. The most dangerous place in the world is being outside of our intimate relationship with God. That is when we are most vulnerable.

In summary, Go Braves, go fishing, go outside, go on vacation, just don’t forget to go to God.

Pastor Scott