In my office, there hangs a picture of a wooded path that leads to a hill top. There is no indication as to what is on the other side of the hill. The reason I love the picture is that anything could be just beyond the knoll. It could be a bass pond, a farm house, a field of sunflowers, a beautiful chapel. I like sitting back and staring at it and letting stories unfold as I picture myself walking the dusty path and crossing the summit.

As I lose myself in imagination the result is always a good one. I never consider other possibilities that would be unpleasant.  My faith works in a similar way. I look forward to what God is bringing just over the next hill. In my prayers and hopes it is always positive. I realize of course that life doesn’t always work that way. Or does it?

Even if the next hilltop revelation is less than good, faith tells me if God is with me good will come from whatever I find. At the point of finding horror on the other side, I am comforted knowing I am not alone. The goodness we experience in this life is not in what we find as we climb a peak, but it is the beauty that we have in our God. He is always good and always present. That means my faith can always hold on to hope.

As I look at my picture, I have no idea what the artist envisioned just over the rise. I do know that the beauty of the picture is not diminished by any possibility. The glory of a relationship with God is always amazing. Nothing that we face in this life can take that away. I encourage you to enjoy the grandeur around you and hold strong to a faith that never allows that grandeur to fade, even in the darkest moments.