I am a very nontraditional guy in the most traditional sense of that word. Confused? I think most of Christendom stays confused over the issue of traditional and nontraditional. What is sacred tradition to one is almost heresy to another.

I like worship. I really don’t care how you do it. If it is lifting up Jesus then I am all in! I like spontaneous prayers, I like ancient prayers, I like the Lord’s Prayer read, recited or sung.  I like new songs that use words that I can identify with and I like old songs that sometimes use words I don’t understand. I like to wear a tie and I like to wear jeans and a golf shirt. I like pianos, guitars, violins, and almost all instruments. I like organs when they don’t dominate the sound barrier. But even then, if it is lifting up Jesus then I am in!

What it all comes down to is we like what we like. And here is a major announcement:  That is perfectly alright! The problem comes when we accept the things we like and tell others what they like is wrong.  How arrogant is that? How in the world can lifting up Jesus in any form be wrong?

Tradition is not a word that describes a certain type of worship or ministry. Each one of us has our tradition. Whatever we do on a repetitive basis becomes traditional. I traditionally watch sports on television. Some traditionally attend “non-traditional” worship services. See the point?

Enjoy your style of worship. Rejoice in your tradition. But most of all do not let anything stand in the way of lifting up Jesus every chance you get!