It is a nod of the head acknowledging that we are related to something or at least willing to count in our circle. We pay tribute to our alma mater when we wear their colors. We pay tribute to our companies and organizations when we brandish their logo. We pay tribute to our kids when we stick the magnet of whatever sport or activity they are into that moment onto our cars. However, this is often a situational consideration. These are seasonal things in our life and not eternal investments.

My concern with our ability to pay tribute and feel as if we are connecting is that we don’t allow this convenience to include the worship of our God. It can be so easy to do the same thing we do with everything else and feel like we are properly connected to God. We come to church fairly regularly, wear the ministry t-shirts, serve from time to time, etc. But we must be aware that to be in full relationship with the God of Heaven we must do more than pay tribute. He calls us to be all in.

“All in” is a common poker term. It means that you are putting all your money into the pot and betting everything on one hand of cards. It is an all or nothing proposition. That is what God is looking for from each of His followers. All or nothing. Not a nod here and smile there. He wants all that we have to give. It is only then that He can give us all that He has.

God loved us so much that even the sacrifice of His Son was not out of the question. He has offered us eternity. Those are just the beginning and end of the spectrum that is His generosity. The more we invest in our relationship with Him, the more His lavishness is realized in our lives. Pay tribute to the things that are important in your lives, but go all in when it comes to God. It is a no -lose proposition.