Several years ago I was walking through a wooded area with my young son. As we walked along we jumped a coyote who ran quickly in the other direction. It occurred to me as we watched this predator run, that I was far away from home and I was completely responsible for my son. It was one of those moments where I thought to myself, “I’m a Dad!”. It was a startling revelation for me based on the reality that this little life with me was my full responsibility. His safety was up to me. The amazing part of all of this was that he was not concerned in the least. He had total peace because he trusted I would take care of him. Do you remember feeling that peaceful as a child? No worries or concerns because you were taken care of by someone older and wiser?
This is the kind of peace that God offers to us. If we trust Him to be who He says He is, then we should not be worried any more than my son was on that walk through the fields. Our spiritual growth is firmly based on our level of trust. How can we step out in faith if we don’t trust the one calling? How can we follow Him obediently if we don’t trust Him? The key to all growth is in the amount of trust we have in our God. The good news is that He is completely trustworthy. He has been consistent and faithful throughout all generations. If you are in need of some peace in certain areas of your life, then I would start by doing your best to place your trust in Him. It is wonderful to know you can rest because someone awesome is watching over you!
Pastor Scott