We are partnering again with Venezuela Now to collect items to help the people of Venezuela. Venezuela Now has successfully shipped over 150,000 lbs. of food and medicine to Venezuela during the current crisis, and continues to work with a network of churches to feed thousands.

These are the items and quantities needed to fill a crate. The suggested size is also listed. All sizes are welcome but the larger sizes make the best use of space.

· Rice (50 lb bags best - Sam’s Club sells 50 lb bags for $18)

· Dried Beans (50 lbs bags best - Sam’s Club sells 50 lb bags for $30)

· Canned Chicken (12.5 oz cans. Costco sells 6 packs for $12)

· Canned Tuna

· Powdered Infant Formula (large dry canisters)

· Adult acetaminophen or ibuprofen (500 tablet bottles)

· Infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen

· Adult multivitamins (400 tablet bottles)

· Children multivitamins (200 tablet bottles)

If you would like to donate toward shipping costs or the purchase of these items, we have three ways to do that:

1. Make a check out to GUMC and write “Venezuela Now” in the memo section and place it in the offering plate.

2. Text GUMCGIVE to 73256 and hit the drop down menu. You will find an option for “Venezuela Now”.

3. Go to and follow the ‘Give Online” button.

Venezuela Now would like to thank you in advance of your generosity. Just one crate filled with these quantities and items will provide 4000 meals, over 4000 bottles of milk for babies, and many thousands of doses of medicines and vitamins, for those hurting and hungry in Venezuela.