Easter has passed and Lent is over. What do we do now? I have the feeling that the answer to that question is a varied as the people hearing the question. I would think that many people are indulging heartily in whatever it is they gave up for Lent. (Be careful not to overdose on the caffeine.) There may be people who are still reflecting on a wonderful Holy Week and maybe deciding to walk deeper with God.  For some it is getting back to a normal routine.

The ones that surprise me are those who celebrate Resurrection on Easter Sunday and then forget about God until the next big holiday. I know how normal it is, but it still surprises me. I was amazed at how many people introduced themselves to me as church members yesterday. I heard one pastor say that these ECO (Easter and Christmas only) people make him mad. I don’t think that is the emotion I would attribute. It is simply sad to me.

The fact that these are people are missing the joy of Christian fellowship is disturbing. It is sad also in that they are missing the thrill of a growing relationship with Jesus. Yes, I am making the assumption that absence from church generally does not lead to a growing relationship with Jesus. It is equally bothersome that all these people have gifts and talents the church could use in its quest to spread God’s Word in the community. There are a multitude of people I will not get close to because I never get to see them.  There are families being raised with no Biblical foundation. I could literally go on for some time on this subject.

You see, I don’t get mad. I simply see missed opportunities and unrealized potentials and it makes me sad. I hope this year each person will at least ask the question “What now”. I pray many more will consider the truth that was preached all around the world on Easter applies to them. I want everyone to know the joy that comes from being a part of God’s work.  I pray for each of you that your “what now” will lead to greater joy and peace than you have ever imagined.