You know the drill. You go into a store to make a purchase and as long as everything goes according to the price tag, you are fine. Get your item, have it scanned and pay. However, every once in a while something is marked incorrectly or you have special coupon or some situation that veers from the standard operating procedure. Now the fun begins. The check- out person, who probably got dropped off to work by their mom, doesn’t know what to do.  Therefore, after staring at the computer for a few moments they call a manager. Sometimes that is as far as it goes, but in some situations the manager has to get on the phone to corporate and so the saga continues. The line behind you is backing up and everyone is staring at you as if you are the incompetent one. All that is needed is someone with the authority to make a decision!  But oftentimes that person does not seem to exist.

I think all of life can feel the same way at times. We are crying out for someone with authority to step up and make a decision, solve a problem, give some direction. It is true in the political world, the business world, the church world and even in our private worlds at times. While I do believe all of our arenas would benefit from some Leadership 101 infusion, I also believe there is at least one solution readily available to us. I believe there is power and authority in the name of Jesus.

In a world where authority is questioned and often ridiculed at every turn, there still has to exist an authority at the core of everything. Everything in the world works in an order of some fashion. That order comes from a created authority that set these laws in place. The fact of an orderly world has been uncovered by scientists, used by politicians and businesses, and enjoyed by most of us.  We believe that order is the result of a creator, who through His Son Jesus Christ reigns with authority over everything. It is an authority that sets us free, and yet we tend to fight against it for our independence and end up losing our way.

So to answer the question “who is in charge” we need to come to the wonderful realization we have a God who has gone before us and created a way for us to live well. We may still struggle with under trained cashiers, corrupt leaders, poor business people, and even dysfunctional family members. However, if we understand we have access to God through Jesus then we can rest in the fact that we can choose to operate in His order.  By doing this we find peace in the midst of chaos.

I hope you will allow Him to be in charge of your days and your moments.

Pastor Scott