We get 52 Sundays a year.  That means that for most people we have 52 times a year to hear a sermon preached, worship with others and be part of something bigger than ourselves.  We have 52 moments to be part of a mission.  52 times to offer our smile, our encouragement, our talents, our gifts to a Kingdom that transcends all others.  52 times a year to be part of the life that makes a church a church.  Not that God is limited to Sundays, but in general that is 52 times to hear God call into our lives.

Out of those 52 times that we have the chance to come together, it may be one of those in which we make a difference in someone’s life by just being present.  It may be one of those days that you hear an invitation that is irresistible or see something that impacts your life forever.  It could be one of those days in which you find direction or help that you have been seeking for some time.

To flip it around, being a faithful church member by most standards only requires 52 days out of your year.  Of course, the hope is that regularly attending church will spur other involvement, but at 52 days you are beating all national averages.  It is 52 times to have the opportunity for positive and helpful information put into your life.  Hopefully, your 52 would be in a Bible teaching church which means that you have that many chances for God to speak directly to you in a moment of worship.

Am I just having fun with the number 52 here?  Maybe, but more importantly I am trying to say to all of you who claim to be church members, that it is not asking a great deal to just do the minimum and show up on Sunday.  A full church is in and of itself and wonderful start to effective worship.  When you joined your church you made a commitment.  I am just trying to show you how easy it is to keep that commitment.  Bottom line, we are seeing churches decline a record rates across the country.  We can site all kinds of reasons, but the number one reason is that church members do not set aside 52 days in their year to change those statistics.

I hope you find this encouraging and not condemning.  I love God’s church and I hate when I realize that there are people missing out on what I get to see every week.  Maybe as the new year heads our way we can look at that brand-new calendar and ink in 52.  God bless.