Do We Really Need Jesus

Written by Pastor Scott  based on thoughts of this week’s sermon.


In our modern teaching and preaching of the Gospel, we have done a very good job of making sure that everyone knows God loves us.  Actually, we have made it abundantly clear that God loves us wherever we are in life.  This is the wonder we call grace and it is the one thing that saves us and draws us.

The problem with this is we often come up short of all that God wants for us.  As a parent I love my kids unconditionally.  No matter what they do or where they go I love them. However, the reality is that I may not always like them in certain moments or the choices they make. I want more for them than anyone could ever want, no matter how great they become or how low they sink. If I only focus on my unconditional dad love, then I fail to encourage and push them to the more that is out there.

The modern church has at times gotten caught up in the unconditional Fatherly Love of God and missed the fact that He calls us to so much more. He says His call is to more than we can imagine. We have confused Discipleship with the act of coming and sitting in church. Discipleship is our response to the redeeming love of God. It is study, growth, and deepening our relationship with the one true God. We don’t need Jesus to come and sit in church or even serve in a church. Yes, He loves us, but His call is to unwrap the wonders of our salvation through growing in relationship. That saving moment only comes through His death and resurrection. It comes as we break free from sin by His sacrifice and run into His arms of grace, love and power.

Yes, we need Jesus! We need Him more than ever. We need Him daily, hourly, minute by minute. We will find so much when we humble ourselves and realize that we do nothing worth while without Him.  “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Matthew 5:3