A Polite Approach
Can you imagine walking into someone’s home as a guest and demanding they rearrange their furniture to suit you? Would you ever go into someone’s office and give them a critique of their décor? I am assuming that most of us would answer no to these questions. Most of us simply have better manners.That being the case, we need to project those manners into our evangelism spirit.
Our modern church is facing serious problems. We are struggling to convince people who are not churched to become churched. Quite honestly, it is not going very well. Part of the problem is that we are not using our manners. We are saying come do church, love Jesus, worship like we do. We want you here; we simply don’t want to change anything to accommodate you.
Churches fight using technology. Many won’t change their furnishings because Aunt So and So donated it. We certainly struggle bending our worship style from time to time. In some churches, facilities such as gyms and fellowship areas are for members only. What does that say to our guests?
In order for the church to be effective and actually grow in the future, we are going to have to find ways to make it inviting. We might have to get outside of our box and try some new experiences. Paul taught us to be all things to all people to reach everyone. Our current method across most denominations is to invite everyone to come and do it our way. Whether this is fact or not may be debatable, but the results would seem to support my theory.
Maybe we should truly think of our guests as guests and do what we can to make them feel welcome in our ministries. It sure would be nice to set the same goal that Paul had…to reach everyone!