Adult Sunday School Classes at 9:39

  • Christ in Us For Others (Room 7, Sanctuary Hall) We are beginning a new study entitled “How We Got the Bible” which discusses the origination and compilation of the 66 books of the Holy Bible.

  • Empty Nesters (CLC ) Our members come from all walks of life and faith traditions. We use the Bible and various other resources for an in-depth study of God’s word.

  • Foundations (Fellowship Hall) Join us as we take time from the regular hustle & bustle to develop a friendship with Christ and each other through study & fellowship.

  • New Hope (Room 6, Sanctuary Hall) This is a discussion oriented class open to all ages and follows the Revised Common Lectionary readings.

  • Saints Alive & Single (Room 1, Sanctuary Hall) This is a class for single, senior women. We enjoy study, plus fellowship.

  • Seekers (Room 2, Sanctuary Hall) This class consists of older Adults who use a variety of commentaries to study different books of the Bible.

  • Starbucks, Study, and Sanity (Pastor’s Office upstairs) This class offers women a “time-out” for fellowship, study, and conversation. Friends are waiting to greet you.

Adult Sunday School Classes at 11:00

  • Christian Theology 101 (Fellowship Hall) This class deals with questions re: the fundamentals of Christian belief and basic elements of our faith. It has something for everyone from the new Christian to the more seasoned, and offers a chance to be in community and to grow in your relationship with God. We’re taking the summer off….starting back August 18th!

For questions or information about our Adult Sunday School classes, please contact Joshua at