Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Small Groups @ 9:39 am

  • Christ in Us For Others (Room 7, Sanctuary Hall) We are beginning a new study entitled “How We Got the Bible” which discusses the origination and compilation of the 66 books of the Holy Bible.
  • Empty Nesters (CLC ) Our members come from all walks of life and faith traditions. We use the Bible and various other resources for an in-depth study of God’s word.
  • Foundations (Fellowship Hall) Join us as we take time from the regular hustle & bustle to develop a friendship with Christ and each other through study & fellowship. 
  • New Hope (Room 6, Sanctuary Hall) This is a discussion oriented class open to all ages and follows the Revised Common Lectionary readings.   
  • Saints Alive & Single (Room 1, Sanctuary Hall) This is a class for single, senior women. We enjoy study, plus fellowship.
  • Seekers (Room 2, Sanctuary Hall) This class consists of older Adults who use a variety of commentaries to study different books of the Bible.
  • Starbucks, Study, and Sanity (Pastor’s Office) This class offers women a “time-out” for fellowship, study, and conversation. Friends are waiting to greet you.

Adult Sunday School Small Groups @ 11:00am

  • Christian Theology 101 (Fellowship Hall) This class deals with questions re: the fundamentals of Christian belief and basic elements of our faith. It has something for everyone from the new Christian to the more seasoned, and offers a chance to be in community and to grow in your relationship with God.