What a moment! Resurrection! Can you imagine what the next month and a half was like for the Disciples as they spent time with the impossible? It was all true. It was really happening. Sometimes we forget the awe of what happened after the resurrection of Jesus. Going back and reading the accounts in scripture and trying to put myself in the story is something I love doing. I think I would just sit and blink my eyes a lot and shake my head, trying to believe what was right in front of me. 

Honestly, this situation hasn’t changed. We still stand every day in the presence of the risen Christ. We may not see Him with our physical eyes, but here is just as real and just as risen. My fear is that even in all its miraculous unfolding that it becomes ordinary to us. I would imagine if Jesus had stayed with the Disciples for more than forty days it would have eventually become somewhat normal to them. 

So how do we shake this phenomenon and get back to the awe it deserves? I believe that it begins with getting past just focusing on Easter. I truly believe when we engage Jesus daily we will never cease to stand in wonder at who He is. If He is the risen Lord, then He certainly has the power and authority to reveal various aspects of Himself to us as we need them. There is truly no limit to what He wants to share with us. 

I invite each of you to look past the wonders of Easter today and begin to focus on the continuing miracle of the risen Jesus. If you doubt like some of His disciples did, open yourself to see Him and I am confident you too will be convinced. The After gets better and better, He guarantees it.